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6 strategies to increase store sales - try them today

POSTED: 8 July 2019

As a retailer you are always looking for ways to improve the shopping experience for your customers and to maximize your sales. We have put together 6 strategies that utilize face-out signs which are proven to work, and the good news is that they are simple enough for you to start implementing today.

Advertise promotions, new products and arrivals – face-out sign holders are the best silent sales team you could hire. They can be used to point out current promotions, new stock, branded products…face-out signs can do half of your selling for you by helping your customers efficiently navigate your shop and encourage purchases.

We all like new. Simply say it.

Make your offers clearer – retailers have only a few seconds to capture the attention of customers. This means you need to engage shoppers the moment they enter your store. By using face-out signs you can place valuable information like promotions and sales events directly in front of your customers.

Notice the clear prices.

Provide relevant information instantly – when it comes to retail, the old adage that ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words’ is certainly true. Inserting an image of a garment into a face-out sign holder is the most effective way to showcase that item and encourage shoppers to visualize themselves wearing it.

Help the customer visualize the product

Maximize revenue – effective and persuasive messaging or images can create a higher perceived value for a product, which will increase your retail sales. Using high-quality face-out sign holders can increase in-store sales by 25 percent.

Show signs to establish authentic origin

The sign tells me that the products are genuine. I can be confident to make a purchase.

Trio selling – offer a simple choice: new, regular, discount - by using face-outs to combine new arrivals with items on sale and regular priced merchandise, you can catch shoppers’ attention and cross-sell the whole bundle.

New, regular price and discount!

Combination selling - sign holder displays that cluster together complementary products is an effective way facilitate multiple purchases. Recommending one or more products relevant to an item that a shopper intends to purchase - placing hats and mittens with coats, or sunglasses with bathing suits for example - helps jumpstart the imagination of your customer with ideas on how to use different products together and is a great strategy to cross-sell.

You can suggest alternatives OR why not buy both?

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