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Boost store sales by using the silent sales team

POSTED: 10 June 2019

The silent sales team

Did you know you have a silent sales team in your store? Every face-out sign around your shop floor acts as a silent sales assistant, communicating with shoppers as they navigate around your store. Used in the right way, your face-out signs can give you the competitive edge.

Why do they work?

Partly due to our online shopping habits, US shoppers in-store nowadays prefer to browse through merchandise on their own; face-outs enable you to communicate with your customers without direct interaction from your shop floor staff.

Imagine a sales assistant following you around the store and interjecting with prices, product information and cross-sell suggestions every few seconds whilst you were browsing. Annoying, right? But face-out signs do this job for you, without irritating your customers.

How to find the right style when they look all the same... Reflex to the rescue!

How to use them well

Beware of over-using your silent sales team. Too many in-store signs is akin to an email inbox full of spam. It is annoying to shoppers and they will soon tune out. What you are aiming for is just the right balance of signs to draw the attention of your customers without overwhelming their senses.

First of all, consider your store layout and your branding. Your signs should be consistent in style. Consistency in branding among in-store displays will increase sales not only through impulse buying but also through brand exposure. In addition to attracting maximum customer attention and increasing brand awareness, consistency in store formats combined with well-designed, high-quality sign holders can boost the perceived value of your products.

Think carefully about where you place your signs. Where do you want shoppers to stop as they navigate the store? Which items do you wish to draw their attention to? Face-out signs can be used to point out current promotions, new stock, branded products…

Help your customers to visualize how they could wear an item. Inserting an image of a garment into a face-out sign holder is the most effective way to showcase that item and encourage shoppers to visualize themselves wearing it.

I know what to expect

Face-out signs can also join together complimentary products, for example sunglasses with summer sandals, to encourage additional purchases. Placing together complimentary products can help jumpstart the imagination of your customers and get them buying more.

Using well-placed signs and making your offers clear makes it easier for shoppers to navigate your store and to understand what they are looking at. When shoppers cannot find the price for a product, or understand which items are included in a special offer, they become frustrated and are likely to leave empty-handed. You can avoid this situation by using face-outs to clearly label all relevant merchandise.

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Key take away

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