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POSTED: 3 August 2018

‘Less is more’ don’t they say? And nowhere is this more evident than the shop floor. Studies show that keeping your marketing simple is the way to increase sales.  Too many messages put customers off. By presenting your brand consistently Lucid Press reports that you can increase sales by 23%.

And our experience at DisplayMode from working with more than 340 clients worldwide, supports this view. In the course of our work we see a lot of shop floors. The ones that are winning the fight for customer sales are those that present their messages clearly and consistently.

Take Matalan as an example. Matalan is a leading retailer working across the globe. In the UK alone, they have 221 stores and 12 million families shopping at Matalan each year. They are excellent at ensuring consistency in their marketing communication. Let’s show you what we mean.

Clear, bold messaging on a large primary wall sign grabs attention from a distance:

Clear bold messaging that can be seen from a distance

Consistent messages but with more information for shoppers as they come to browse:

Messaging at eyeline

Use of face-out to tie the rail and product together. Again, note the consistency of message:

Face-outs continue the message

The three distinct signs all work together to create one simple message for shoppers:

All messaging works as a whole

Combined with clearly laid out products, marked in relevant sizes, shoppers can pick up what they need with ease:

Making products easy to find

The inclusion of an information board helps educate customers looking for more detail without distracting shoppers from the purchase:

Additional help

The messaging starts before people visit the store; this is Matalan’s catalog:

The communication occurs before the store visit

In our example you can see how Matalan has taken one clear message and broken it down in to steps for the customer, resulting in an easy purchase by shoppers.

Reflex Sign Holders

You will have noticed that it was not only the consistency of messaging that was important, but also how these messages were displayed. Not to toot our own horn but Matalan uses our Reflex sign holders in their stores to carry their messages. With Matalan’s clear, simple messaging they need sign holders they can trust to stay in place, carry their messages clearly, and withstand the inevitable knocks from their high-volume of shoppers. Reflex sign holders do this job.

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