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Part II - Helping Your Store Staff Deliver a Better Retail Experience

POSTED: 18 April 2017

Stack the Advantages in their Favour, Shelve the bad Ideas

A combination of skills, training, and the store environment all play a factor in sales effectiveness. Your POS display sets up a sale by informing customers then your sales staff engages with them in an effective way. Here is a brief overview of effective POS usage and how to encourage effective customer interaction.

Sales Displays

Never underestimate how much a shop’s layout and displays affect sales. Basic shopper psychology has shown that customers want to spend as little time as possible in a store. Most customers have a specific goal (or good) in mind when they go shopping and are not there to browse. A disorganised sales environment has a negative impact on your salespeople. A customer who cannot find what they are looking for or even basic facts about a product are going to be frustrated. When a customer is angry your sales people immediately start off on the defensive and this negatively impacts customer interaction. With informative POS displays, you guide customers on what they need and educate them on basic facts. This leads to a positive interaction as the customer feels their time was not wasted and they now have specific questions about goods or services.

Engage With Customers

The old saying you never get a second chance to make a good first impression is true in many cases. While an effective POS display can inform a customer a salesperson has to follow up on this initial interest. In a lot of stores, customers walk in and nobody greets them. Make sure that when a customer walks in they are greeted and any questions they have are answered. If the customer is looking for a specific type of item this can lead directly to a sale.

Soft Skills And Training

A little basic psychology helps. Learn how to read body language, anticipate questions, guide a conversation, and ask specific questions to get specific answers. Also remember to deal with each customer as an individual. For example, some customers really like small talk others while others are straight to the point, it is important to be able to tell which is which.

Setting Goals

Most employees want to do well at their job. To assist them in this keep track of their performance and set defined goals. By tracking their sales you can identify areas of weakness and areas of strength. Encourage positives and when identifying negatives use these as a learning opportunity. Set exact goals that your employees can work towards. A lot of employees don’t like vague they want exact goals they can track and achieve. Above all training is a positive thing and when approached on an individual level can create an effective sales team with a wide variety of skills.

Final Thoughts

There are several different methods to help your staff improve the overall sales experience. However, as the above information shows responsibility does not entirely fall on your staff. Even the best salesperson would run into difficulties in a badly organised store without a proper POS display system. While proper selling skills can be taught POS display tools have to be purchased. There is a science to a POS display and that’s why you need expert assistance.

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