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The Power of Three - Everything you need to know about: Trio-selling

POSTED: 9 May 2019

The Power of Three

Trio-selling is an effective tool for retailers looking to boost their sales. In this post we take a look at the power of three, what it is, why it works, and how you can implement trio-selling for maximum impact.

What is it?

Trio-selling is an in-store marketing strategy where you display new arrival stock alongside regular priced merchandise and sale items. Usually each section will be fairly even in size so they are being promoted equally.

Why does it work?

Trio displays catch shoppers’ attention. Some of your shoppers may be looking for the latest new-in items, others may be on a budget and focused on sale items. But by grouping together different types of stock you can catch the attention of different shoppers within one display. On a practical level, this also makes it a great display option for those stores with limited space.

By grouping three different merchandise types together, you encourage movement between the stock groups. A shopper that came to browse the new arrivals will notice an item of regular priced stock that they hadn’t seen on a previous visit but that will wear well with the new fashion piece they were planning to buy, or someone that is focused on sale items may be attracted to an item that is new in and they will make a purchase in this higher price bracket. When presented well, you can often spark the customer’s interest and cross-sell the whole bundle.

How to implement the power of three trio-selling

First of all, you need to consider which items you are going to group together. If you are to successfully cross-sell you need to ensure that the items you select will appeal to the same customer. The combo needs to make sense. Perhaps something that makes a whole outfit across the three selling groups, or grouping together similar colours or styles. The better the combination, the more it will attract attention, and if there is a clear link between the different stock items, the more likely customers will be to buy items from across the three groups.

Selling with the power of three

The key to successful trio-selling is good signage. Without this the display will look confused, is it a new arrivals section? A regular section? A discounted section? Confusion breeds frustration and frustrated shoppers don’t go on to buy. With clear signage, you can label each type of stock so it is clear what customers are looking at. But by grouping them together you are encouraging shoppers to go beyond their usual interest point and to browse more widely. You are not looking to trick your customers, only to encourage them to look beyond their usual parameters. Good signage makes certain there is no ambiguity and helps your customers to make purchasing decisions.

Key take away

The power of three trio-selling can help you sell more by grouping together new arrivals, regular priced and sale items. Consider which items of stock you will display together – what will attract your customers? The display needs good, clear signage to ensure it is eye-catching and that the different stock types are clearly labelled for easy purchasing decisions.

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