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Reflex love - We appreciate how customers use our sign holders

POSTED: 24 October 2019

Helping customers find the products they need. Here we see a very simple way to highlight a Halloween zone of related products.

show the Halloween section of the store



Signs identify zones

Easy to see the extent of the product set


price signs with halloween signs

Here we see that signs can communicate prices within defined product zones

We just love this sign with it's great thought and clever execution!

sign for recycling plastics

Plastics in the news? Respond and communicate your initiatives


sign is more visible due to contrast with products

The signs stand out due to contrasting products


minimal clutter

No need to have too many signs, less is more to maintain store harmony

Less is more. How just one sign can stand out can have an impact. Color matters and here a red sign does the job.

sales messaging

impact, less is more


sale items are clear

Products in the sale are easy to find with good signs

Color matters and it really depends on what we are trying to achieve. In this section, we see white, grey and pink signs used by a single retailer.

Show that you care about your customer's concerns


Grey sign

Grey signs provide the information but do not clash with the display. A feeling of quality is maintained.


The sign does not clash.


color change for promotions

A carefully selected pink to raise the profile of a sale item. Again the sign does not clash with the products.

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