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Easy to Change Acrylic Signs

Retail display hangers draw shoppers’ attention to your merchandise and help convert browsers to buyers. They work as a silent sales team, communicating with shoppers as they browse your store, showing your customers how garments will look or which accessories match an outfit, advertise prices, offers and promotions, shout about new products…the list is endless.

Our patented acrylic sign holder range – Reflex – fits 98% of all face-outs. So, whatever the type of rails, face-outs and specific fixtures your store displays use, Reflex will fit.

Our acrylic signs come in a range of sizes, and signs simply slide in and out when you want to change your offers or graphics.  And the unique flexibility of Reflex means store display signs will merely flex when knocked by shoppers ensuring in-store graphics stay in place and breakages are reduced.

Our Reflex sign holder is the world's best-selling face-out product, with more than 8,000,000 units sold in over 30 countries.

Try Reflex for yourself – use the form on the right to order your FREE Reflex Sample Box. (Check out the video at the bottom of the page to see what items are included.)

Reflex Sign Holder Uses

Here are some ideas on how best to use your Reflex. With such a versatile product it is easy to find new uses so don't feel like you need to stop here.

Promote Promotions

Promotions come and go but the Reflex doesn't need to! The signs are super easy to change, simply slide out the insert and slot in a new one.

Bring Together Product Ranges

By using clearly branded graphics, product ranges can be brought together. This helps shoppers find what they are looking for.

Multiple Messages

Reflex can display signs with multiple messages to your audience without cluttering your display. The images above on the right shows customers what garments may look like when worn as well as advertising the price. The image on the left also displays the price but shows another item in the range to also encourage cross-sell alongside the shirt.

Reflex provides many uses and these are just a few! Check out the video below to see what is inside a Reflex Sample Box. If you think the products could help your business then fill out the form on the right and get your FREE sample box now.

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