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Retail Signage - May I have your attention please

POSTED: 5 September 2018

Let us look at a few numbers to see if we can grab your attention. Ready? Try to take in these numbers and then afterwards we will offer our opinion.

Now do I have your attention?

Pretty hard hitting stats aren’t they? What they tell us is that the in-store shopping environment is key in getting shoppers to buy. So, what can retailers do to ensure they grab the attention of their shoppers in the store?

Getting the pricing right of course is vital. Too expensive or too cheap and you lose the sale. Retailers, quite rightly, apply great care in hitting the best price point on every product, but there is something else, something greater, that needs to be right for an effective in-store environment.

Retail Signage

Signage? More important than pricing? Absolutely. After all, it doesn’t matter how good the pricing is if no one can see the price. Clear signs placed with the correct products at the right price point will go a long way to turn a browser to a buyer. But signage is so much more than a way to display a retailer’s prices.

Could you miss this offer?

Signage allows retailers to communicate with their customers whilst moving around the store. The messages displayed influence the purchasing decision. The consistency of messaging displayed by retailers is vital. Mixed messages confuse shoppers and ultimately that results in a no-buy decision. Clear, consistent messaging makes purchasing easy for shoppers and greatly increases the chance of a sale. Read more about the importance of messaging.

Signage can encourage multiple purchases. By co-siting products and using signage to demonstrate how the products can be used together – displaying a bathing suit alongside a summer hat for example – encourages shoppers to buy more than the one item they originally planned to buy. Effective signage allows shoppers to visualize how the product can be used, or how it could look on them, greatly influencing purchasing behavior.

Good quality signage is a must. The pricing, the messaging, the displays – a retailer’s hard work will be undone in a second if the signage is not up to the job. When there are broken signs on the floor, not only do your signs become useless, it also conveys an underlying message of poor quality to the shopper.

Reflex sign holders are used by retailers across the globe for their durability and versatility. The unique flex action of Reflex means that when signs are knocked by shoppers, they do not bend or break, but will merely flex back in to place. This ensures that a retailer’s signs are displayed throughout the shop floor exactly as they had planned.

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