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POSTED: 6 March 2020

Over a period of time, we have tried to create content that will help you deploy the Reflex Sign Holder in the best possible way. The Reflex is a simple and effective device to communicate your promotions and messages. Learn from our articles and suggestions to maximize the impact of the Reflex on your retail environment. Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy some of our best ideas, tips and tricks.

Examples of the Reflex Sign Holder in action

Example 1 - Compare and contrast products, helps with easy identification


Example 2 - Communicating discounts in different ways, good deals look better


Example 3 - Matching consumer concerns, showing that you care


Example 4 - Keeping it simple, less is more


What to communicate

We have written these blogs to help you decide what you should put on your signs:

Boosting sales

Our product has been designed to get you more sales, find out how:

Dive deep into the psychology of retail

Learn from these articles and turn your promotions into hits:


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